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Basic Requirements to Volunteer

  • Profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life
  • Agree with Tanalian Bible Camp belief statement and Staff Code of Conduct
  • Have a heart to serve others, ability to be coachable and work within a team, and a willingness to be challenged to grow during the process of serving.
  • Be 18 years of age at the beginning of the camp season with exceptions as described within the positions below.
  • Able to be physically active with campers during games, hike 3 miles, and walk daily on uneven ground.
  • Complete online training by May 15th.

Help With Application

Need help? Watch the step by step video to the left or follow along at your own pace in this tutorial to guide you through the process.

Why Your Impact Matters

  • The love you invest will change a life

  • You're Needed - You have skills we need

  • Nearly all our summer staff are volunteer

  • Your impact will have a ripple effect across Southwest Alaska

Positions Needed


  • Live with and care for four to six assigned campers
  • Watch for and encourage spiritual growth in the campers
  • Pursue building relationships with each camper in a group and individually
  • Lead cabin group in Bible study and foster wholesome discussion
  • Attend daily morning staff meetings and be attentive at all chapel sessions
  • Be responsible for the safety of campers during all camp activities
  • Report symptoms of camper ill health promptly to nurse
  • Report any problems to Program Director
  • Be willing to lead or assist in a variety of activities
  • Work with a Counselor in Training if one is assigned

Counselor in Training (CIT)

    • Be a born-again believer with a heart for service
    • Be a current or former TBC camper or an Alaska resident, 16-18 years of age
    • Have one-year of Support Staff experience
    • Agree with the Mission Statement of TBC
    • Agree with Doctrinal Statement of TBC
    • Have the physical stamina to carry out the CIT’s responsibilities (e.g., able to walk one mile without needing to rest)
    • Have a heart for youth ministry
    • Growing spiritually and emotionally toward maturity
    • Gain experience in many areas of the camp program.
    • Be willing to lead or assist in a variety of activities.
    • Attend all chapels.
    • Attend staff meetings as requested.
    • Assist the Counselor in maintaining an orderly cabin group.
    • Live with and care for assigned campers.
    • Watch for and encourage spiritual growth in the campers.
    • Assist in leading cabin group in Bible study and foster wholesome discussion.
    • Be responsible for the safety of campers by diligently supervising campers during camp activities.
    • Supervise cabin clean up.
    • Report symptoms of camper ill health promptly to nurse.
    • Report any problems to Camp Director or Program Director.
    • Be willing to lead or assist in a variety of activities and/or support staff positions.

Support Staff Mentor

  • Desire to and ability to provide wise counsel and encouragement to youth working on support crew
  • One year or equivalent experience working with youth ages 15-18 in a leadership role
  • Patient and willing to listen
  • Willing to serve and work alongside youth doing jobs that aren’t the most “glamorous” with a joyfully infectious attitude encouraging teammates to work hard as unto the Lord
  • Displays spiritual and emotional maturity
  • Provide supervision and encouragement for youth on Support Staff
  • Provide oversight and leadership for support crew during off times
  • Utilize opportunities to mentor support crew team, both individually and as a team
  • Work alongside Facility Director to delegate support staff teams and assignments
  • Work alongside Program Director and/or facility Director to develop weekly program that incorporates evening activities, and facilitates opportunities to encourage support crew
  • Facilitate daily Bible studies with Support Staff during appropriate times
  • Assist in other duties as assigned

Support Staff


  • Be a born-again believer with a heart for service
  • For Alaskan residents, be at least 15 years old
  • For Non-Alaskan residents, be 18 years old
  • Agree with the Mission Statement of TBC
  • Agree with Doctrinal Statement of TBC
  • Have an ability to be on your feet for extended time periods
  • Have a flexible attitude
  • Have an ability to listen well and follow instructions


  • General Cleaning
  • Dishwashing/Kitchen support
  • Various janitorial duties
  • Outdoor work (i.e. lawnmowing, landscaping, waste management, etc.)
  • Setup/takedown for various camp activities
  • Perform all duties with the health and safety of participants in mind
  • Assist in other camp duties as assigned

Media Coordinator

  • Ability to serve all summer, but at minimum a full week of camp
  • Photography and videography skills required
  • Ability to engage with campers and capture candid shots
  • Capture quality photographs and video throughout the week
  • Produce a 3 minute video recap of the week
  • Consolidate weekly photos, removing poor quality ones
  • Camp will provide camera, go pro and the use of a shared mac for producing the video, though personal gear may be used
  • Post on social media
  • Work with Development Director to meet the media needs
  • Ability to work independently, yet engage with camp activities

Assistant Cook

  • Serve with a willing heart and pursue unity as a team
  • Report to Camp Cook each day for work duties
  • Perform such duties as washing dishes and taking out garbage
  • Perform food preparation or other jobs as requested
  • Set up dining room for meals
  • Clean dining room after each meal
  • Sweep and mop the dining room and kitchen floor each evening

Skilled Maintenance Assistant

  • Work under the supervision of the Facilities Director with specific maintenance duties with facilities, grounds and vehicles.
  • Projects dependent on volunteer’s level of expertise
  • Able to work independently and be resourceful
  • Expertise in mechanics is a plus
  • Willing heart to serve, be flexible and be a self-starter


  • Be a certified Nurse in Alaska. If you are not currently certified but desire to attain certification, please still inquire.
  • Be able to use an ipad and/or computer for patient medical tracking purposes
  • Desire to work with youth
  • Good communication skills with adults and children
  • Able to be flexible with schedule
  • Willing to be patient, compassionate, and understanding with campers
  • Administer appropriate medications to campers
  • Keep appropriate medical records
  • Be willing and available to assess injuries and/or sickness during camp, day or night
  • Follow TBC procedures and work alongside Port Alsworth Clinic staff and/or Samaritan Purse onsite summer Doctor to appropriately handle camper and staff medical issues.  


  • Be 19 or have completed freshman year in college for Teen Pursuit and High School camp – 18 for all other camps
  • Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR certified or appropriate experience as determined by Program Director
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Ability to effectively swim in (55-60) degree water
  • Oversee waterfront area during all open waterfront times during camp with safety as top priority
  • Responsible for maintaining a constant awareness of all activities within waterfront area enforcing TBC policies/rules
  • Administer swim test to each swimmer
  • Responsible for assisting in the execution of certain waterfront activities including basic instruction of canoe/paddle boat use
  • Responsible for being ready to act if an emergency happens (ie: knowledge of facilities, layout of camp, and the communication system in the event of an emergency
  • Responsible for other duties that may be assigned
  • Have fun and enjoy making the most of every opportunity

Program Staff

  • Willing to work alongside Program Director to prepare, coordinate, and implement camp activities
  • Desire and ability to engage with, and lead, campers during activities with love and patience by living out TBC’s core values
  • Ability to communicate clearly to youth of varying ages and attention spans and teach with purpose
  • Ability to lead independently and be a creative problem solver
  • Ability to be flexible with plans and spontaneously lead a group activity
  • Qualified leaders in low or high ropes courses is ideal, but not required

Top 5 Tips To be an Effective Volunteer

  • Prepare your heart to be a servant leader before you come
  • Remember it is God who changes lives
  • Be flexible and remain flexible
  • Prayer will change your experience
  • Be prepared to grow in your own relationship with the Lord


Will I have cell phone coverage and Internet access?

    • No, you get to be unplugged from technology during your time at camp. For emergencies or necessary connection with family, you can use the camp’s main phone line.

Will I know what volunteer role I’ll have for before I come?

You may not know what role you will have at camp before you arrive. Flexibility is key. Many last minute changes happen with camper numbers and thus our needs change. Please be patient and flexible as we do our best to find the role that fits you best.

How long is a typical commitment?

If you are volunteering for only one week of summer camp, you will fly from Anchorage to Port Alsworth on a Saturday morning. Camp begins Monday and you will fly back to Anchorage the following Monday morning.

How will I get to Port Alsworth?

We will arrange your flights to Port Alsworth. If you are coming from Anchorage you will fly out of Merrill Field on a local air taxi. If you are coming from a village, we will coordinate that as well.

What are the costs associated with volunteering?

If you are coming from the Lower 48, your plane ticket to Anchorage, and your RT plane ticket to Port Alsworth, which is $300.

Additionally a $100 fee is appreciated to help pay for your staff shirt and offset the lodging and food costs. This helps us keep camp affordable. (costs revised 4/20/2020)


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