2024 Dates

June 3 -10

Are you looking for adventure?
Challenging experiences?
A deeper relationship with God?

Teen Pursuit offers an exciting camp geared toward challenging young adults to grow in every area of their life. A three-day remote camping trip is the highlight of the week. The scenery is beautiful, the bonfire warm, the schedule relaxed and memories made will last a lifetime.

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Available Activities

  • Lake day: rappelling, team building fun
  • Team Adventure Challenge course
  • Hike and camp at Lake Kontrashibuna
  • Climb Tanalian Mountain
  • Chapel
  • Team challenges

Lake day: rappelling, team building fun

Hike and camp at Lake Kontrashibuna


Hangout by the camp fire


Team Adventure Challenge Course

Climb Tanalian Mountain

Elective Activities

Team Challenges

What to Bring

Hiking Shoes

Clothes for hot, cold and wet weather

Running shoes



Towel and wash cloth

Laundry bag for dirty clothes

Modest swimsuits (no midriffs showing please)

Backpacking pack

Extra change of warm clothes

Water bottle

Sleeping pad

Bible, notebook, pen or pencil

Comb, brush, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, paste, deodorant

Camera – mobile devices will not be permitted as a camera

Raincoat and rain pants

Money for snack shop (unless paid for through online registration)

Warm Coat

Sleeping bag and pillow

All electronics (phones, ipads, ipods, reading devices) will be turned in at registration and kept in a safe location until departure day

Fireworks, knives, guns, tobacco products, illegal drugs or any other things that disrupt camp or detract from another camper’s experience

In addition to the regular items needed for camp, please come prepared for the three-day camping trip at Lake Kontrashibuna. The weather is usually very cold, windy and can be rainy. Don’t forget to pack:

Parent FAQs

What if my camper needs medical help?

A full-time nurse and doctor are available to care for the campers and staff. The nurse will assist campers with any of their regular medications.

How will my camper get to Port Alsworth?

We will help coordinate your camper’s travel through one of the air taxis or local ministry flights. They will most likely be traveling in a plane with other campers coming to that week of camp.

What will my camper be doing in chapel?

A majority of campers rate chapel as their favorite activity. Chapel happens each morning and evening and is full of fun activities, singing and learning from the Bible.

Who are the counselors?

  • Our counselors are volunteers who come from all over the United States, typically with a church group. They go through an application and interview process including background checks. We do our best to find and train quality people who will love and serve our campers

What if my camper gets homesick?

Homesickness can be common the first day or two of camp. We are compassionate and do our best to engage the campers with activities and cabin mates and find they usually are in love with camp by the second day.

What if I miss my child and want to see how they are doing?

We understand it can be hard to send your child to camp and are grateful you trust us with them for the week. Please call the office if you are concerned about your camper and we will give you an update on how they are doing.

How can I pay on my account?

  • You can log into your account and pay online
  • You can call our office and we can take a payment over the phone or help set up a payment plan
  • You can mail the balance to our office: PO Box 176, Port Alsworth, AK 99653

What is the daily schedule like?

Each camp week is somewhat different, but all involve chapel twice a day, activities your camper chooses, cabin times, team challenges and outdoor all camp activities.

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