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Tanalian Leadership Center Resident Mentor

Employment Dates: September 1, 2021 – May 30, 2022
Location: Port Alsworth, Alaska
Compensation: Donor supported
Direct Supervisor: Tanalian Leadership Center Director
Download PDF: TLC Resident Mentor Job Posting


Job Description

The Resident Mentor (RM) will live with and mentor up to four TLC students, ages 18-22, and assist the students with life skills, vocational interests and/or college prep as well as daily living schedules. The RM will work alongside TLC team members helping students grow in their knowledge of the Bible and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


A one-year commitment is required with the ability to commit to two to three years.


Job Qualifications

  • Has received Jesus Christ as personal Savior and has a heart for discipleship.
  • Desires daily personal reading and study of the Bible.
  • Agree with the TBC/TLC Statement of Faith
  • Has knowledge of God’s Word and can effectively communicate spiritual truths.
  • Is a minimum of 22 years of age.
  • Ability to get along with others, be flexible, and work as a team.
  • Leadership ability to graciously enforce the student code of conduct, house rules, and encourage students’ responsibility.
  • A history of both giving and receiving Biblical discipleship and mentoring.
  • Ability to live independently and demonstrate responsibility in a group environment.
  • Basic first aid and CPR certification.


Job Requirements

The RM will be the primary spiritual leader in the household providing an example in speech, faith, conduct and love. Will be responsible for the following items:

  • Engages in raising a set amount for Tanalian Bible Camp, communicating regularly with donors.
  • Maintains a personal quiet time and Bible study for personal growth.
  • Engages the students in transformational relationship when possible or practical.
  • Responds to students’ spiritual and emotional needs whenever appropriate and practical and inform other TLC staff of said needs.
  • Provides spiritual protection and defense for the household and everyone in it through prayer.
  • Provide a written and verbally communicated set of house rules; protecting and promoting community and safety.
Provide and enforce an appropriate disciplinary structure with the help of other TLC staff to encourage students to grow.
  • Attend a minimum of two weekly meetings with other TLC staff members for prayer, communication of household spiritual status and other needs.
  • Hold weekly house meetings with students to encourage community and spiritual growth.
  • Participate in or help with TLC and TBC conferences and retreats.
  • Participate in “life stories” and help students communicate their testimonies.


Provide for the physical needs of the household

  • Order food and household supplies in a timely manner.
  • Keep track of the physical health of all students in the house, communicating their statuses to other staff, and providing care appropriate for the level of training received.
  • Assign, enforce, and participate in household chores. Mentor the students through new areas and teaching skills as appropriate.
  • Communicate major needs and household repair tasks to the appropriate TBC staff members.



  • A 2-hour block each day responsibility free, to be coordinated around TLC priority events.
  • Must be available to students 6 days per week with day off to be coordinated with TLC Director.
  • Will move into the house in early September for training with TLC staff.
  • Responsible to ensure the house is ready and supplied for the students’ arrival.
  • Christmas break is free of TLC RM responsibility in congruence with the students’ break time, but RM will need to return in time to make sure the house and supplies are ready for students. They may come and go from the TLC house as desired during the break.
  • Will have one weekend (Friday night through Sunday) per month to spend out of the house, to be coordinated with TLC Director.
  • The commitment is finalized at the end of the season after proper house cleaning and debrief meetings, date to be coordinated by TLC Director.

Long Term Summer Opportunities

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  • Summer Camp Program Staff
  • Lifegaurd
  • Support Staff Mentor

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