Do you need help with the volunteer application process? We are here to guide you through it! Following is a set of screen shots from the actual process. Follow along if you need a little help.

1. Begin by visiting this link: It will take you here…

2. If you have ever registered as a parent or camper at TBC via this portal you may have an account already. Please login and proceed here. If you have never registered before please click the “Create Account” button and proceed to the next step.

3. For new accounts please enter your personal information. Any field with a red asterisk is a required field.

4. If you have more than one person in a family group please enter the personal information for each member that may volunteer or attend TBC in the “Additional Contact for account”. Please check what role each person has in the family group.

5. At the bottom of the first page select a username (defaults to your e-mail address) and password. Click “Create Account”.

6. My Reservations page: Don’t get worried! You’re at the right place. We know you are expecting an “Application” but just pretend in this case “Reservation” means Application. 🙂

7. You should see your name listed on the right column of this page under the “New Reservation” heading. Click your name to proceed to the next step.

8. Select a session page: Click the check-box on the left to select a returning or volunteer application. Then click the “Registration” button.

9. On this page please verify your personal information then click “Next”.

10. Volunteer Application: This is the main application form. Please complete all required fields and then you will electronically “sign” the form at the bottom of the page. If this is the first time you have signed a form with our system, after you click “Click to Sign” there will be a series of smaller windows that pop up with options for the e-signature. Once completed you will be returned to the completion acknowledgment section. Be sure to read the yellow text boxes above and then click the circle indicating your agreement. Select “Next” to continue.

11. Reference Forms: You will enter personal reference information here. For first time volunteers you will do three of these. Once the first page is filled out, click “Send this invitation”and the next form will come up. Each reference will receive an e-mail with a link to the reference form to complete online. These are confidential and for TBC staff to review only. If you desire you can view the blank form by clicking the “view this form” link at the bottom of the page. We encourage you to personalize the e-mail by completing the e-mail subject field. You may also add a personal note.
— For returning volunteers only one form will come up.

12. Background checks: Part of our screening process is conducting background checks for all staff. Follow the instructioons on this page.
13. You’re not quite done yet! This page will show indicating you have successfully applied to volunteer at TBC! Be sure to read the text and then click “Next”.

14. Donations: Would you consider donating to the operational costs of TBC or help a camper attend by giving to the scholarship fund? You can give online now with EFT or Credit Card. If you want to give, please indicate an amount in the appropriate boxes then click “Add Donations”. This will bring up a payment page where you can select a payment method. Otherwise click “No, thank you” to bypass the payment process.

15. You are done! If you want to check your account, you can login at anytime by going to this web address: and use the login information you chose during this process.