Stay Connected

Many of our summer camp volunteers wonder how campers are followed-up with when they return home. While TBC staff does make village visit trips, we also rely on the partnerships formed with believers and Bible-teaching churches in the villages who pursue relationship with these youth.

One such village partner shares, “TBC offers our students a chance to interact with other believers, in a positive and Godhonoring environment. It allows the students an opportunity to step away from their communities and families and just be immersed in the truths found in God’s Word and lived out by other believers.” Many of these partners specifically recruit youth from their village and help them get registered for camp. “When our students come back they have God’s Word hidden in their heart, thanks to the Bible verses they’ve memorized at camp. It opens the door for some wonderful conversations as they recall the memories with me and share their experiences with other students,” relays the partner.

Since these relationships extend year-round, the impact of camp is sometimes a catalyst for deeper growth. This partner shares, “One of the kids had been attending my Bible club for many years and has attended TBC for several years, but had never publicly made a profession of faith. I believe that through all these experiences their heart was ready to make that decision. This book asked specifically if the reader would like to make that proclamation of faith and this student said, “YES” and prayed with the group, confessing Jesus as Lord. It was a memorable moment that I don’t think would have been possible without the culmination of his experiences through TBC, God’s work in this student’s heart, and my willingness share the Good News with this young student.”

TBC’s mission is to build up the body of Christ in remote Alaska, and through stories such as this, we see how a week of camp can be a stepping stone in a relationship with Jesus, encouraged by counselors at camp, and partnerships in the village.